Mbudya Island Marine Reserve

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Mbudya Island (simply Mbudya) is an uninhabited island in Tanzania, north of the Country’s capital city, Dar es Salaam and is one of the four island of the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve (DMRS).

The Island lies close to the beach resort and fishing Community of Kunduchi and is reachable by means of a 20 minutes motorboat ride crossing from the mainland. It is therefore a popular daytrip for both tourists and Tanzanian residents alike, serving as a location for a variety of leisure activities, including snorkeling, sunbathing and hiking.

The Island offers fabulous snorkeling and diving opportunities and is a formable day outing for visitors to the section of Tanzania coast. Mbudya Island is situated about 3km offshore, within easy reach of the hotels on the north coast of Dar es Salaam.

There are hereby sand beaches on the western and eastern sides. On the western side, it is possible to have barbecued fish with chips and drinks. There is plenty of shade under the casuarina trees.

There is a washroom located near the resting beach. On the beach there are bandas where you can rest while enjoying chips with fish and soft drinks.

Mbudya has many to offer and it is such a great way to spend a weekend in Dar es Salaam, Its a home of Crabs, Snorkeling, Diving, hiking and sunbathing. The water & scenery of Mbudya were picture perfect…so relaxing and amazingly beautiful.  One is able to snorkel & see some of the colorful fish hiding in the Indian Ocean coral reef.

The Island is covered with dense stands of Palms and Baobabs. The rare Coconut crabs are found on the Island. To get to the Island, one of many local motorized dhow and ngalawa can be hired. The hotels like White Sands, Silver Sands, Kunduchi beach, Beach Comber and Bahari beach are able to provide more modern transport to the Island.